Finest Paperware

The Finest Paper-ware range references the growth of the throwaway culture. Our habits of consumption have changed and convenience and fashion take precedent. Consumption is increasingly more about having, using, and discarding objects, rather than about acquiring and cherishing them. The disposable paper cup is an icon of this trend in consumerism, and so here I have created a range of ‘paper-ware’ that mimic a range of traditional ceramic aesthetics, transposing the ceramic context onto the throwaway object.

To create a ‘symmetry of opposites’ some of these cups are assembled from cast sheets of handmade paper; others are hand-built from sheets of specially a specially formulated porcelain and paper pulp mixture. The ‘Jasperware’ set emulates Wedgewood’s iconic range using stained paper and porcelain, and embossed relief details in white. And the Dutch classic ‘Blue Delft’ is alluded to in hand drawn details in blue biro, which have been scanned and digitally transformed into enamel decals for application to porcelain.

The paper cup is re-embodied as a hand crafted and hand drawn objet d’art, while the same piece cast in luxurious porcelain elevates the status of the lowly paper cup to a covetable treasure.