Light Snack!

In this age of austerity we must look to the humble things that make us happy, and we must celebrate them with reckless abandon. The first in the forthcoming ‘Light Snack’ series of biscuit inspired chandeliers aims to glamorise the little pleasures in life, and elevates the status of the humble Jammy Dodger, so that each little glowing biccy becomes one sparkling crystal component in a grand and glowing chandelier . The huge light sculpture drips with 1500 inedible fancies in milk white, translucent bone china and vivid pink jammy resin.

The repetitive task of casting and firing each jammy dodger then painstakingly applying the jammy resin took around 10 weeks.

Future additions to the Light Snack range will include pastel marbled ‘Party Rings’, sugary little ‘Iced Gems’, and, a personal favourite of mine, the sickly sweet ‘Pink Wafer’. Watch this space!

Light Snack made it’s debut at COLLECT; the Crafts Council’s flagship event in the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Dimensions;750mm x 1000mm.
Materials; Bone china, resin, mild steel & aluminium armature.
Price £8,250 (Buy now at
240V power supply, 3 x 40W bayonet bulbs.
The Scotsman, 2nd May 2011
Sunday Herald, 8th May 2011