A Wee Bit of Light Relief


‘A Wee Bit of Light Relief’ was borne out of a collaborative project between three artists; Rebecca Wilson, Clare Waddle and Julia Douglas. In 2005 the trio started work on an epic chandelier of chore related objects such as kitchen implements and cleaning utensils cast in low relief in translucent bone china. The piece glamorises and makes light of the domestic routine, and its implements of monotony. The domestic accoutrements dangle, tinkling in the breeze, temporarily redundant, allowing for a break from the monotonous grind of housework to enjoy a moment’s light relief under the glamorous chandelier.


‘A Tiny Wee Bit…’ (pictured below) now brings the project to the domestic market. This small scale and affordable version of the original chandelier measures 25cm accross with a 28cm drop and fits easily onto any standard UK light fitting.

Available to commission in required diameter and drop. Please email postmaster@rebeccawilsonceramics.com for detailed pricing information and commissions. Prices start at £250 for ‘A Tiny Wee Bit of Light Relief’ (20cm x 28cm) ranging to £3000 for a bespoke 3 tiered fitting with up to 1.5m drop (pictured right).