Sprinkles Necklace


Translucent icing-like porcelain is sprinkled with dashes of inlaid colour, and paired with bold, chunky semi-precious stones; ammonite and rose quartz. Don’t eat it!


Strawberry Gumball Pendant

Fruit Pastels

Bold chunky stones and delicately stained porcelain are mixed together in this range inspired by retro confectionaries. Think Opal Fruits, Mint Imperials, Gumballs, and Fruitella!

Gumball White-Yellow detail 2

Colour Block

Colour blocking in a variety of delicious pastel shades with semi precious gemstone beads combined with delicious little porcelain elements clasped tightly in silver claw settings. Rose opal, amazonite, magnesite and agate are contrasted with stained porcelain and zingy dipped rubber details.


Iced Gems

Tasty little pastel hued dollops of porcelain icing temptingly mounted on silver claw settings.


Drips and Loops

This collection is inspired by a vast collection of food photography collected over the years; rows of perfectly sliced fondants and fancies iced to perfection in the windows of Parisian Artisan Boulangerie, vividly coloured fruits in all hues of peach and pink, a Sicilian gelateria drips with the momentary self indulgence of acid hued sorbets against dreamy pastel coloured ice creams. The patterns and colours gleaned from this collection are stylised and re-imagined in oxidised silver , softly stained pastel hues of porcelain, and a little hint of bright neon from recycled ice cream spoons and tiny dribbles of dipped rubber.

French Fancies

French Fancies

These delicious little studs are hand piped in creamy porcelain, as though someone has plopped a tasty little dollop of icing straight onto your earlobe. Choose from iced gems or Bakewell Tarts.

Disclaimer: the artist takes no responsibility for people licking your ears as a result of wearing these earrings!

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