Dib Dab Detail

Dib Dab

A pleasingly palm sized, silver rimmed, porcelain sherbet bowl with handy porcelain dipper.

Sprinkles Necklace


Translucent icing-like porcelain is sprinkled with dashes of inlaid colour, and paired with bold, chunky semi-precious stones; ammonite and rose quartz. Don’t eat it!  

Strawberry Gumball Pendant

Fruit Pastels

Bold chunky stones and delicately stained porcelain are mixed together in this range inspired by retro confectionaries. Think Opal Fruits, Mint Imperials, Gumballs, and Fruitella!

Gumball White-Yellow detail 2


Delicately stained porcelain in pastel tones derived from the sticky opacity of fruity chews, marshmallows and foams is carefully married with a combination of softly coloured gemstones. Colour blocki...


Iced Gems

Tasty little pastel hued dollops of porcelain icing temptingly mounted on silver claw settings.

'Who's a Pretty Boy Then?' Jewellery Stand

Who’s A Pretty Boy Then?

A pretty pastel parrot in slipcast porcelain. He hoardes your earrings and other treasures on his little brass branch.  


Drips and Loops

This collection is inspired by a vast collection of food photography collected over the years; rows of perfectly sliced fondants and fancies iced to perfection in the windows of Parisian Artisan Boula...

Time For Tea?

Time For Tea?

The author Henry James once said “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea”. But why wait till the afternoon? Slipcast in decadent pari...

French Fancies

French Fancies

These delicious little studs are hand piped in creamy porcelain, as though someone has plopped a tasty little dollop of icing straight onto your earlobe. Choose from iced gems or Bakewell Tarts. Discl...

Gimme Some Sugar

Gimme Some Sugar!

The Eat Me; Keep Me series focuses on the notion of self indulgence. In exploring the parallels between ‘valuable’ and ‘everyday’ I have drawn a symmetry of opposites between porcelain and confectiona...

Memoria, detail


‘Memoria; 100 Cups of Tea, Never To Be…’ highlights the sadness of a beautiful object that has been broken. A shattered gold tea pot lies below while its soul leaves its broken vesse...

Dirty Rotten Peaches

Dirty Rotten Peaches

‘Dirty Rotten Peaches’ are part a body of work entitled Eat Me; Keep Me. The series focuses on the notion of self indulgence. In exploring the parallels between ‘valuable’ and ‘everyday’ I have drawn ...

Blow Me _ Blush Trio - Rebecca Wilson

Blow Me!

Tacky collectible perfume bottles are referenced in the ‘Blow Me’ collection. These pieces show a new direction in my work, and the introduction of a new material and set of processes. A collection of...

Finest Paperware, Wedgewood Jasper Porcelain

Finest Paperware

The paper cup is an icon of the ‘throwaway culture’ and by imposing classical ceramic styling and transposing materials I aim to highlight and question our tendency towards wasteful consum...